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Photon Therapy Beauty Mask
Photon Therapy Beauty Mask
Photon Therapy Beauty Mask
Photon Therapy Beauty Mask
Photon Therapy Beauty Mask
Photon Therapy Beauty Mask
Photon Therapy Beauty Mask

Photon Therapy Beauty Mask

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The light therapy mask is made medical of LED beads and has a specific wavelength to deal different skin problem.

 Each color of light can cure a common skin disease. Safe, gentle, not stimulating!
When the wavelength of medical LED acts on the skin, it can remove the aging tissue of the skin and make the skin tissue repair naturally. Moreover, the led will properly heat the C-H-O compound in the dermis, especially the water-rich collagen tissue.
Spend 10 minutes a day for healthier and younger skin
Applying a dome-type diffusion PLATE with a light source, the angle of irradiation is wider than that of other LED masks, so the LED light spreads more evenly and widely on the skin.
Perfect For All Skin Types 
Our premium design delivers facial beautification even for the most sensitive skin types.Choose your preferred color
Light Function
  • ❤️ Red Light. Used to deeply penetrate the skin layers, giving you anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects. It also increases collagen generation, helpful to the wrinkle care and skin improvement.
  • 💙 Blue Light. Used for anti-bacterial benefits and acne prevention. It zaps acne-causing bacteria found on the surface of your skin.
  • 🧡 Orange Light. Used for better blood circulation that fights hyperpigmentation, aiding you to have soft, blemish-free skin.

How to use

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly and lightly apply your favourite skincare serums, face cream, and facial oil.

  • Comfortably place Beauty Mask over your face as part of your skincare routine. Turn on the power and start your light therapy session.

  • Change your light treatment as desired. Simply press the power button to select between Red, Blue, or Orange light.

  • The session automatically ends after 10 minutes. If you wish to power down, press and hold the power button until the light has turned off.

  • Wipe off the device with a dry cloth after use and store it properly.
Frequently asked Question 

➡️  How often should I use the product?

We recommend you use it every day for full effectiveness. You can follow the 21-Day Photon Therapy to help your skin adjust properly.
➡️  Does the product have any side effects on the skin?

The process of LED phototherapy has significant skin benefits without the side effects of harmful lights. The LED lights of the Photon Therapy Beauty Mask doesn’t contain UV. So, it is highly recommended by dermatologists.
➡️Can I walk around or do other things while using the LED mask?
It’s designed to be wearable and on-the-go, so you can continue doing whatever you’re doing while treating your skin to red, blue, or orange lights.
Package include
  • 1x Photon Therapy Beauty Mask