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Hair Reboot Treatment
Hair Reboot Treatment
Hair Reboot Treatment
Hair Reboot Treatment
Hair Reboot Treatment
Hair Reboot Treatment
Hair Reboot Treatment
Hair Reboot Treatment

Hair Reboot Treatment

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This powerful Hair Reboot Treatment protects and nourishes hair to reduce further hair loss. It revives the scalp and follicles to prevent further thinning while promoting new thicker hair growth. 

Our Hair Reboot Treatment is a Blend of ALL-NATURAL Essential Oils, & Organic Herbs that will penetrate your scalp, grow back your edges, fill in your bald spots and will grow your hair SUPER FAST! 

STIMULATE FASTER HAIR GROWTH: Our Hair Reboot Treatment healing oil gets to the root of your hair problem! It's packed with potent Herbs, Vitamins, Antioxidants, and nutrients that effectively restore damaged hair follicles and stimulates stronger faster hair growth. Ideal for all hair types.

ANCIENT HAIR REMEDIES: We have studied ancient remedies to be able to offer a unique solution to all hair issues. Hair Reboot Treatment has used what we studied to create a formula that can reduce dry scalp, premature graying, bald spots, and best of all repair hair back to its healthier state.

REBOOT YOUR HAIR AGAIN: Hair Reboot Treatment promotes hair growth & thickness while reducing dry scalp and dandruff. Our anti-hair loss remedy contains DHT Blockers, now your hair can absorb all the nutrition to start the part to healthy hair.

THICKER SHINY HAIR: Your hair will become, thicker, have more shine, look gorgeous. That the look that you have been striving for! With consistent uses of Hair Reboot Treatment, it will help to prevent split ends and seals the hair shaft.

1. Use when washing your hair: When washing your hair, apply a few drops to shampoo, moisturizer, or hair mask to double the nourishment effect and repair damaged hair. Used in combination with the hair before blowing, the hair after drying is bright and supple.

Note: add 3ml hair growth essence into 100ml shampoo and stir evenly.

2. Daily dry hair use: When you dry your hair, drop a few drops in your hands. From the middle of the hair to the tip of the hair, it can be quickly absorbed, effectively smoothing the hair and shining hair.

Type: Hair Oil Serum Treatment
Application: Hair loss, Grey Hair, Dandruff, Hair Growth, Hair Thickening 
Ingredients: Ginseng, Organic Plant Extract
Net Weight: 30ml.

1x Hair Reboot Treatment