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Fluxed Cord Rods
Fluxed Cord Rods
Fluxed Cord Rods
Fluxed Cord Rods
Fluxed Cord Rods

Fluxed Cord Rods

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Why welders, mechanics and home workers are calling the welding rods the solution "the strongest, fastest and easiest aluminum fabrication or parts repair - no expensive equipment is needed.


  • REPAIRS: repairs or fabricates virtually anything made of aluminum, pot metal, or galvanized steel. Use something as simple as a propane torch on up. No Flux needed! You can repair boats, props, storm doors, gutters, antiques, tools, condensers, molds, rims, air conditioning lines, refrigeration coils, bell housing, pontoons, transmission cases, and so much more.


  • EASY TO USE: is as EASY as 1-2-3. Simply clean the base metal, heat the base metal, NOT THE  ROD, repair your way into hundreds of dollars of savings. Please refer to instructional video.


  • NO WORRYING: melts at 728 degrees Fahrenheit giving you the ability to repair the thinnest to the thickest metals without worrying about war-page or distortion.  even repairs pot metal; one of the most difficult non ferrous metals in the world to repair!


  • PERMANENT:  is specially formulated to make strong permanent repairs that can last a lifetime. Specs include: Tensile Strength lbs/ 39,000, Compression 60,000, shelf life is indefinite.a welcome addition to any tool box and 100% guaranteed to work for you. Each rod is approximately 1/8" x 18" long.



  • Material: aluminum
  • Melting temperature: <480 ° C (896 ° F)
  • No gas or toxin leakage, no lead material included.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Minimize distortion of the starting material during welding

Product Included:

  • 1x set of Fluxed Cord Rods