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3D Body Sculpture
3D Body Sculpture
3D Body Sculpture
3D Body Sculpture
3D Body Sculpture

3D Body Sculpture

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Despite the diets , devices or products usedthe fat persists until it forms condensed layers of cellulite and orange peel, and causes sagging skin that becomes more pronounced with age.

With the 3D Body Sculpture, the best-selling anti-fat and cellulite device in 2020 in the United States, say goodbye to all this!

Thousands of women have tried 3D Body Sculpture. They are more satisfied than ever: (*): 

(*) : These images are published after customer consent, and their sole purpose is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the 3D BODY SCULPTEUR ™ product on the Mazigs® brand site, all rights reserved.

How does 3D Body Sculpture work ?

Today,3D Body Sculpture work ?is at your fingertips and offers you almost the same results :


  • Relaunching the process of natural dissolution of fat (lipolysis) and destroy the orange skin and cellulite
  • Reboost the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid inside the skin to smooth and firm it .
  • Speed ​​up blood and lymphatic circulation

3D Body Sculpture™ acts on all levels of the dermis, hypodermis and adipose tissue which contains fat:

How to optimally use 3D Body Sculpture ™?

  • Massage the part to be treated, using the "slow" or "fast" speed mode for optimal results 
  • Use once a day for 5 minutes for each part to be treated
  • The results are usually visible after the first month of use. The longer the duration is extended , the better the results.

Why buy 3D 3D Body Sculpture ™?

  • Efficient technology, with fast results
  • Ergonomic to accompany you everywhere
  • Convenient and Easy to use
  • Device with multiple functions and uses
  • Suitable for all parts of the body

What will you receive by purchasing 3D Body Sculpture ™?

  • The ' media device that fits easily in the hand, and generates Beats 60,000 / minute for spectacular results
  • Two ultra-soft massage heads tailored to your needs 
    1. The slimming pulleys for drainage of fat and cellulite
    2. The stainless steel balls to use for firm your skin
    • The power plug in standard European format (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, etc.)
    • manual to explain all the modes of use